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Just got mine the other day. This is an outstanding bag. Top quality construction, very heavy duty. I am an adjunct instructor and therefore nomadic -- I do not have an office, and so am always on the go. I have usually used backpacks to carry my stuff, but have been wanting to switch to something nicer for a while. This bag fits the bill. It fits my MacBook Air (13"), charger, several cables, my iPad Mini, a stapler, various staples, binder clips, etc., pens, two or three folders of papers, and a couple of books. Because the bag has far fewer compartments than a typical backpack, I use a GRID-IT with it (highly recommended) to store cables, my external hard drive, and other things. Note: It *barely* fits my MacBook Air. The internal dimensions of the bag are rated at 13.5", I think, and that is snug. I think that over time, as the leather stretches out a bit and becomes more pliable, it will be a good fit, but right now it is snug (also even for papers and folders). The big (and obvious) downside is weight. Man, this thing it heavy! I've had it weighted down with a couple extra books, which fit fine, but I noticed the bulk walking around campus. That will be what causes me to eventually switch, if I ever do. Overall, the bag is exactly as advertised. Looks (and smells!) great, very well constructed, and it should last a lifetime... ...»
Ian D.
(Vagabond Traveler 15" leather briefcase --- June 17, 2012 --- By momof2) I don't usually leave reviews but felt that the item was of such a nice quality that I had to. I purchased this as a gift for the hubby and for the price I was really surprised with the quality. Firstly, it arrived on time and nicely packaged. The hardware on the bag is of a good quality and made to take a heavy load. The leather is a bit stiff but should soften with age nicely. A leather tag is included so you could experiment with oils/waxes if you wanted to. The color is a nice rich brown. What I really like about this bag is that there is no horrible lining covered in logos and it is a simple but classic design. This is truly a nice bag for the everyday commute and thus far I have received no complaints from the recipient. It looks like its built to last a lifetime and who knows, it may be inherited by my son! .. ...»
Amazon Buyer
Brilliant, when they say heavy duty, they mean heavy duty. Shaped like a guitar strap they perfectly distribute the weight of which ever bag they are attached to. Would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to carry their bag primarily in backpack mode, especially the 14" or 15" tall variety of bags... ...»
(Love this bag!, --- September 6, 2012 --- By Jennifer W. Hale) I have had this bag for about a month. I got one that had been returned, and it was only $200. Shipping was great, no problems, and I love the beautiful dark brown shine of the bag. At 9lbs. It is a heavy bag, all leather bags are. It holds all I need, and then some, and the straps are easy to adjust to change the way it is carried-messenger bag style, or backpack. Pick up some honey leather on amazon as well to hide scratches. Beautiful bag at a great price! .. ...»
Amazon Buyer
This bag has several compartments fit for a variety of items. It has three larger sections, each fit for a 15" to 16" laptop, and a thin front section for papers or a folder or two. The middle large section has a small interior pocket on each side, while the front large section has loops for pens and a pair of pouches. Both pouches are -exactly-large enough to hold a Ti-89-sized calculator, which is great for students! The leather used to make this bag is thick and super tough. It will survive a long time. The finish is beautiful (after treatment) and will probably only get better with age. Construction on the bag is pretty strong. The stitching is tight and uses thick, nylon thread that looks stout enough to withstand quite a beating. The inside is lined with suede, giving the bag a bit of a luxurious feel when opened. I have stuffed it full of textbooks, laptop, and miscellaneous tools and it took them with ease. I would recommend using the included backpack straps when carrying substantial weight in this bag. If you are wondering about the buckles in the picture, the white appearance is from the protective tissue paper they wrap the hardware with. The hardware is really chrome-colored and shiny. NOTE: When I received this bag, the leather was a bit dry, and needed some conditioning. I applied some Lexol to it, and the leather became even more attractive and pliable. The fact that I had to apply conditioner is not a big con, because all fine leather products should be conditioned to prevent premature wearing, but the bag was quite dry. You will be glad you had conditioner around after you apply it to this bag. It will dramatically improve the look, feel, and life of the bag. Apply conditioner liberally, as the makers of this bag did not endow it with enough conditioner to reveal its true beauty and flexibility. By liberally, I mean that this bag drinks conditioner like a corrupt dictator drinks cognac, so really slather the conditioner on there. It will absorb all you've got. If you want a durable, beautiful leather backpack that doubles as a shoulder bag, this is a good candidate. The seller is prompt, polite, and helpful. I give this bag four stars. UPDATE: The leather has had a few weeks to absorb the conditioner I applied, and the bag looks incredible. The color has become a deep red-brown. The feel is impeccable, some of the best leather I have felt. I like the bag more every time I use it or look at it. UPDATE 2: After having the bag for a few months, I decided to cut out the gusset in the back, the one without the pen holders. I did this for the purpose of joining the two large interior sections into one. I am so glad I did this. It can be used as a more proper backpack with the now-appropriately-sized main compartment. Before this, the two compartments were best for textbooks, but now I use it as my overnight bag. It had no effect on the integrity of the bag. Plus, I got the thick suede divider and cut it into bottom liners for each of the pockets.Additionally, the bag continues to take on more scuffs and marks, making this piece of leather craft look better all the time... ...»
B. Morsman
( The real deal... --- May 23, 2012 --- By K. Hodges) This bag is solid... the craftsmanship is top notch and it's got some weight on it too. 50-100 year warranty. Tomorrow will be the second day of use. So far it gets an +A for a man bag. Don't think just buy. .. ...»
Amazon Buyer
I just received this briefcase (I live in Spain) and i'm simply astonished as it gives full meaning to the word QUALITY. As a law attorney i've seen a lot of briefcases here in Spain, but i can say now i have the best case i've seen. Congrats for your great work and fine quality... ...»
( It is exactly what I want --- August 6, 2011 --- By Fernando Salcedo) INcredible product, it was shipped fast and it looked exactly like the pics. The description was accurated great bag.. ...»
Amazon Buyer
Very good quality at a reasonable price, description given is correct, definitely worth buying! .. ...»
Just got this (my THIRD VT bag) today! It is fantastic! Very well put together, and just the right size to use for easy casual stuff: shopping - a place to put small purchases; perfect for carry on for plane or train. My bigger bags are for work. This bag says: "Play!" My only beef - and it is small- is that I wish there were a key holder strap inside. Great thick leather, so well stitched, solid as a rock and just the right size. Call it a "Murse" or Man Purse" if you want, but this thing rocks. .. ...»
Barron Hampton
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