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(Very Pleased, --- August 5, 2011 By Gregory M Dyke) I am very pleased with this case thus far. It is well made and has a lovely smell of leather. I've been toting it around for two weeks now, and it holds a lot of contents. I will warn it is heavy and stiff (as you would expect a new leather item would be.) It may take some time to break it in. I am curious to see how it stands up to daily use... ...»
Gregory M Dyke
(Keep it simple, --- March 24, 2012 --- By David Firestone,amazon buyer) This bag is an exploratory example of what can be accomplished with a simple classic design, and good workman ship. One could spend a lot less, but only receive a far inferior product. One could spend a lot more, and receive a marginally better product. I am a man who appreciates value, and that is what this bag is. I would suggest this for anyone who need storage space and wants to look professional. I could certainly see this bag in a professor's hand on their way to teach a course. All in all, I love having the space to hold basically anything I need (short of a large laptop), and this bag is great... ...»
David Firestone
Just got this (my THIRD VT bag) today! It is fantastic! Very well put together, and just the right size to use for easy casual stuff: shopping - a place to put small purchases; perfect for carry on for plane or train. My bigger bags are for work. This bag says: "Play!" My only beef - and it is small- is that I wish there were a key holder strap inside. Great thick leather, so well stitched, solid as a rock and just the right size. Call it a "Murse" or Man Purse" if you want, but this thing rocks. .. ...»
Barron Hampton
( The real deal... --- May 23, 2012 --- By K. Hodges) This bag is solid... the craftsmanship is top notch and it's got some weight on it too. 50-100 year warranty. Tomorrow will be the second day of use. So far it gets an +A for a man bag. Don't think just buy. .. ...»
Amazon Buyer
(Great but not best --- March 11, 2011 --- By rmiller) I purchased this case after alot of shoppinig. I am very happy with this case however it comes with a few drawbacks. the item's consturction is top notch not a loose thread anywhere. It was packed very very well. The case's leather is very good in distessed condition. The thickness of the leather is around 2mm. So it's not the Top of the line but is very good. I consider the fact it's not 3mm a drawback. The inside is sweaded and is very nice. The strap is very well good as well. It could have more pockets and a better pen holder (I generally cary old number 2 pencils and it doesnt work with those at all). The bag is very heavy and that is a testimate of its quality, however it's a draw back as well. Overall I consider this a great buy VS a Saddleback $600 bag. I paid $200 plus shipping for this case. .. ...»
Amazon Buyer
Shipping is super fast. I order it Wednesday afternoon and get it Friday morning. I am a female, but still want to find a leather bag that is tough enough to last a long time. This is the one I am looking for. This design has no handle and extra metal rings that I do not use. I think it is perfect. The color of the bag is actually brighter than that in the picture and I think it is more beautiful in person. The leather is definitely high quality and is much more softer to touch than I expect. Another thing I want to mention is the bag is not too heavy for me. I can take it to wherever I go. Customer service is very helpful and response super fast. I am very happy with this shopping experience. Highly recommend this seller!.. ...»
Моя любимая сумка! Очень стильная, удобная и качественно сшитая. С удовольстивем буду носить её в ближайшие 10 лет. Толстая кожа, благодаря длинным ручкам удобно носить на плече, вместительная... ...»
(I love it! --- October 4, 2011 --- By Charise L. Courtney) This bag is everything the description said it would be and more. It's roomier than I thought it would. It's very durable, I load it up with textbooks and it's fine. It really looks great too. I want another one a smaller one for a purse and my boyfriend says if I'm looking for a gift idea he'd love one too. .. ...»
Amazon Buyer
(Great Bag! --- September 22, 2011 --- By Daniel Bock) This is a great bag! The leather is soft and supple, but still tough and rugged. It has a great capacity to carry just about anything yo would need for work. You can use it just as a breifcase or as a laptop case, either way works. The quick release buckles take some time to work, but you will soon be able to open and close with ease after a few tries. Perfect for school or work. I highly recomend this bag!! .. ...»
Amazon Buyer
A great bag! Heavy Leather! For ages! Отличная сумка. Толстая кожа - пишито на века!!!.. ...»
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