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( WOW! --- July 22, 2011 --- By D. Bennett ) So I have a smaller version (bag they'll fight over when you're dead!), which I bought about 2 years ago. The Vagabond bad arrived today. For SOOOOOO much less money than the other bag, these bags are very impressive. There are differences (mostly in the quality of the hardware/buckles), but you would not really notice without a side by side comparison. The Vagabond is lined, has dividers in the main section (3 parts), and looks way cool! It is a good size for a laptop (but is non-padded), a trip to the office with a ton of crap, or perhaps a quick overnight somewhere. Absolutely love it, and love the $400 I saved by not buying the other bag in this larger size. Took the bag out a couple of rimes now, fully loaded. It does get pretty heavy. .. ...»
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(Beautiful bag., --- October 22, 2011 --- By Luis Perez) This bag is a must for anyone looking for a leather case. It is sturdy and looks great. Leaves color residue in the beginning so break it in carefully. Nothing that stains though, and not bad enough that I would take a star away. .. ...»
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I've had this bag for around a month now. It seems to be wearing well. Fits loads of stuff without being too bulky. It's not top grain all the way through inside though. it's got some suede inside to divide the three sections. My only complaint is that the handle is not too ergonomic and it's unfinished making it hard to clean, mosturize, and protect. All in all, a good purchase... ...»
A great bag! Heavy Leather! For ages! Отличная сумка. Толстая кожа - пишито на века!!!.. ...»
(Saddleback, watch your back, --- May 8, 2012 --- By JP) The bag arrived in just a few days via fedex. I cannot believe the quality of this bag, I was ready to be disappointed as I was struggling with purchasing the same style bag from Saddleback for almost double the price and shipping, I couldn't have been more wrong. I ordered the dark brown bag, it looks chestnut to me, thick leather that smells great, piled in my 17" MB Pro and projector and I was off, the 17" sticks out a bit but I still managed to close buckle on the bag. The straps are of the same high quality that the bag is made from and very comfortable. For $189, you really won't be able to find a bag to compare, believe me I have looked everywhere Very pleased with the purchase and greatly exceeded my expectations, thanks Vagabond. .. ...»
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I had been in search of the perfect leather bag for a while. This bag is GORGEOUS. The pics don't do it justice. High quality leather - thick and sturdy, well-padded inside. Feels wonderful to the touch, inside is secure and snug without being too tight. The metal hardware to fasten the handle and shoulder strap is top notch. See my much longer, more detailed review on amazon .. ...»
(Excellent Bag, --- September 27, 2012 --- By George Marcum) The previous reviews were very helpful to me and the pictures didn't do the bag justice. Even nicer when you see it in person. Love the quality and construction. It is a heavier bag so make sure you consider this when purchasing. It is definitely a quality, durable product that should last... ...»
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Just got mine the other day. This is an outstanding bag. Top quality construction, very heavy duty. I am an adjunct instructor and therefore nomadic -- I do not have an office, and so am always on the go. I have usually used backpacks to carry my stuff, but have been wanting to switch to something nicer for a while. This bag fits the bill. It fits my MacBook Air (13"), charger, several cables, my iPad Mini, a stapler, various staples, binder clips, etc., pens, two or three folders of papers, and a couple of books. Because the bag has far fewer compartments than a typical backpack, I use a GRID-IT with it (highly recommended) to store cables, my external hard drive, and other things. Note: It *barely* fits my MacBook Air. The internal dimensions of the bag are rated at 13.5", I think, and that is snug. I think that over time, as the leather stretches out a bit and becomes more pliable, it will be a good fit, but right now it is snug (also even for papers and folders). The big (and obvious) downside is weight. Man, this thing it heavy! I've had it weighted down with a couple extra books, which fit fine, but I noticed the bulk walking around campus. That will be what causes me to eventually switch, if I ever do. Overall, the bag is exactly as advertised. Looks (and smells!) great, very well constructed, and it should last a lifetime... ...»
Ian D.
I bought this item recently, it was my first order with vagabontraveler, I am living in Europe and had no chance to see the product. I am really glad of my bag. Shipping was perfect and deliver in good condition. it's a high quality product, no doubt , really great Daniel.. ...»
( It is exactly what I want --- August 6, 2011 --- By Fernando Salcedo, amazon buyer) INcredible product, it was shipped fast and it looked exactly like the pics. The description was accurated great bag.. ...»
Fernando Salcedo
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