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(Just purchased this bag --- May 18, 2012 --- By Scouter) Just received this item in 48 hours after I purchased it. The seller delivered it much ahead of the scheduled date. This bag is unbelievable. It is rich thick leather made from quality hide and not some cheaper version. The seams, buckles and fasteners are all very stong. The bag was very nicely packaged and arrived very much in the condition in which it was advertised. This bag is very spacious and can hold legal files and a large laptop with no problem. It is a heavier bag so when loaded it does have some weight to it. However, that is why I purchased it. I don't think this bag will wear out. I am very pleased with the quality and design of this item. The seller has produced a very quality bag for the price. I recommend this bag to anyone in business or personal life that wants a bag that looks like it can handle anything. It has a very classic feel and I like the fact that no matter what I put in it …….. ...»
(Keep it simple, --- March 24, 2012 --- By David Firestone,amazon buyer) This bag is an exploratory example of what can be accomplished with a simple classic design, and good workman ship. One could spend a lot less, but only receive a far inferior product. One could spend a lot more, and receive a marginally better product. I am a man who appreciates value, and that is what this bag is. I would suggest this for anyone who need storage space and wants to look professional. I could certainly see this bag in a professor's hand on their way to teach a course. All in all, I love having the space to hold basically anything I need (short of a large laptop), and this bag is great... ...»
David Firestone
(Leather case --- January 8, 2012 --- By Eudora Welty) Absolutely beautiful briefcase. Very practical bag with a manly elegance and the smell of leather. This case will become more attractive as it ages and wears. Very good buy for the price. Exceeded my expectations once received. Picture is not as great as the in hand experience. .. ...»
Amazon Buyer
(Seriously...The Best, --- March 30, 2012 --- By D. Ebbers) Wow, just wow. I had been browsing around some other briefcases before discovering Vagabond Traveler. I'm one year out of college and needed something to hold all my stuff like anyone else, but I wanted something with swagger. The bag I had(some cheap Solo bag) broke; cheap quality bags will do that, hell even other bags do that. I decided to up my game a little and spend my money on what I assume is a smaller, classier company. Just got the bag today and I'm blown away. This bag will last a few generations in my eventual family, but I'd rather it be buried with me. Me and this briefcase are going to go through a lot together. He, who I have named Ted, will be there for me in times of need, I will cover him in the rain, etc. It's big but fits my 15inch Mac perfectly and then some. I could probably pack about 3-4 laptops within the inside. The backpack straps are great if you ride a bike …….. ...»
D. Ebbers
(Kindle pouch for the zombie apocalypse --- March 8, 2011 --- By B. Morsman,amazon buyer) This isn't a complicated product, so I'll cut to the chase: The good: - Leather is good quality for a product of this price. The finish will obtain a nice patina over time. - The zippers are strong - It holds my small 3rd gen kindle (will not hold large Kindle) while in its Speck leather case (about triples the thickness). - Strap is long enough for nearly any size person. - Stitching is tight and secure. - Overall construction is high quality. - It's a tough bag worthy of toting a kindle through the zombie apocalypse. Just in case you were wondering. - Would look good on a man or woman. - Leather has no need of extra conditioning out of the box. The Bad: - Though this is not an expensive product, I was hoping for better leather. It's a nice bag but I guess you can't expect it to be a Saddleback bag. - Zippers can get a bit stuck if you pull on them too fast. …….. ...»
B. Morsman
Great wallet. High quality leather. I love the ID window. The slots for inserting cards and others are a little stiff but I'm sure that will be easier with time while getting broken in. The color is exactly the same as in the photo so this is exactly what you will get. Highly recommended to any one who is thinking about purchasing. I'm very, very happy with this wallet. .. ...»
(Great, sturdy, commuter/travel bag --- March 12, 2011 --- By Horseshy) This is a great, sturdy commuter/travel bag which is what I originally purchased it for ... to replace an old, tired backpack. It is expandable enough to hold everything I may need to carry including a laptop and sturdy enough to put an apple in for lunch without worrying of travel bumps and bruises. Best feature is the ability to switch to shoulder bag or backpack to ease back pain and then transform into a professional looking briefcase, for interviews or meetings. Would be perfect as a carry-on for air travel. This is not an on-the-fly-throw-everything-in-and-go bag. It is a bit of a process to open and close it but I find that makes me consider more carefully what I'm about to do and where I am going ... giving an extra pause, instead of rushing around like an idiot and forgetting things I really needed later on. …….. ...»
Amazon Buyer
I bought this item recently, it was my first order with vagabontraveler, I am living in Europe and had no chance to see the product. I am really glad of my bag. Shipping was perfect and deliver in good condition. it's a high quality product, no doubt , really great Daniel.. ...»
Моя любимая сумка! Очень стильная, удобная и качественно сшитая. С удовольстивем буду носить её в ближайшие 10 лет. Толстая кожа, благодаря длинным ручкам удобно носить на плече, вместительная... ...»
(Excellent buy and quality !! --- September 1, 2011 --- By SuGeo) This leather wallet fits the best in your pocket and doesn't even feel like it is there..You can insert up to 6 credit cards in the slot and a separate space for the ID/photos. Very light weight yet strong and soft leather build. The side stitching gives extra cool looks and protection. Comes with a genuine leather smell.. I love it. Seller was so easy to communicate and yeah.. one of the few best sellers from whom I had ever purchased via Amazon.. Will definitely recommend for my friends and family ;) .. ...»
Amazon Buyer
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