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I have been searching for a while for the perfect quality leather wallet and purse. This wallet satisfies everything that I need. The satchel is also absolutely amazing! For starters, there are a multitude of places to store cards. Additionally, the credit card pockets are secure and hold all of my cards without slipping. I enjoy the viewing window much more thatn I thought I would and store my business cards and ID there for easy access. The unfinished lining is great for holding receipts and money as neither slide out of place. I purchased this wallet with the matching women's purse/satchel and the items together are absolutely incredible! I am very happy with the quality and look of this set. This is my first purchase with Vagabond and definitely not the last! The .. ...»
Excellent bag! Masculine-looking, functional & durable. I get compliments on it all the time... ...»
( The real deal... --- May 23, 2012 --- By K. Hodges) This bag is solid... the craftsmanship is top notch and it's got some weight on it too. 50-100 year warranty. Tomorrow will be the second day of use. So far it gets an +A for a man bag. Don't think just buy. .. ...»
Amazon Buyer
I bought this bag as a travel bag. It is leather so it is on the heavy side, however the quality is good for the price. There are some things that I would change on the bag and I may have my cobbler do some slight modifications. I hauled this bag all over Seattle and it was comfortable, performed well and got some compliments. The backpack straps are worth their weight in gold! I would highly recommend this bag for someone on a budget. For the price, you can't beat it... ...»
Purchased this bag after looking at over 50 quality and best price. nothing but compliments on the bag... ...»
(Excellent buy and quality !! --- September 1, 2011 --- By SuGeo) This leather wallet fits the best in your pocket and doesn't even feel like it is there..You can insert up to 6 credit cards in the slot and a separate space for the ID/photos. Very light weight yet strong and soft leather build. The side stitching gives extra cool looks and protection. Comes with a genuine leather smell.. I love it. Seller was so easy to communicate and yeah.. one of the few best sellers from whom I had ever purchased via Amazon.. Will definitely recommend for my friends and family ;) .. ...»
Amazon Buyer
(Kindle pouch for the zombie apocalypse --- March 8, 2011 --- By B. Morsman,amazon buyer) This isn't a complicated product, so I'll cut to the chase: The good: - Leather is good quality for a product of this price. The finish will obtain a nice patina over time. - The zippers are strong - It holds my small 3rd gen kindle (will not hold large Kindle) while in its Speck leather case (about triples the thickness). - Strap is long enough for nearly any size person. - Stitching is tight and secure. - Overall construction is high quality. - It's a tough bag worthy of toting a kindle through the zombie apocalypse. Just in case you were wondering. - Would look good on a man or woman. - Leather has no need of extra conditioning out of the box. The Bad: - Though this is not an expensive product, I was hoping for better leather. It's a nice bag but I guess you can't expect it to be a Saddleback bag. - Zippers can get a bit stuck if you pull on them too fast. …….. ...»
B. Morsman
(I love it! --- October 4, 2011 --- By Charise L. Courtney) This bag is everything the description said it would be and more. It's roomier than I thought it would. It's very durable, I load it up with textbooks and it's fine. It really looks great too. I want another one a smaller one for a purse and my boyfriend says if I'm looking for a gift idea he'd love one too. .. ...»
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(wonderful bag, great price, great quality, --- April 18, 2012 --- By lac, amazon buyer) Just received this bag and was pleasantly surprised. I was looking for a nice leather bag that would fit nicely with my Thinkpad X220, at 13" this seemed to be about the perfect size and the description sounded great but the lack of reviews and relatively low price tag had me a little trigger shy. I finally just decided to buy it after a couple weeks of looking at competitors at 2x and 3x times the cost also lacking reviews and offering sizes larger than I felt I needed. I'm not in the least disappointed, the quality of the leather on this bag is amazing, the buckles are all polished silver, the lugs are also polished silver and can be removed/replaced (2 replacement lugs included). The interior fits my X220 very very snug, and my backup X200 fits perfectly (although the extended batteries make the velcro over strap a bit tight) …….. ...»
(Great, sturdy, commuter/travel bag --- March 12, 2011 --- By Horseshy) This is a great, sturdy commuter/travel bag which is what I originally purchased it for ... to replace an old, tired backpack. It is expandable enough to hold everything I may need to carry including a laptop and sturdy enough to put an apple in for lunch without worrying of travel bumps and bruises. Best feature is the ability to switch to shoulder bag or backpack to ease back pain and then transform into a professional looking briefcase, for interviews or meetings. Would be perfect as a carry-on for air travel. This is not an on-the-fly-throw-everything-in-and-go bag. It is a bit of a process to open and close it but I find that makes me consider more carefully what I'm about to do and where I am going ... giving an extra pause, instead of rushing around like an idiot and forgetting things I really needed later on. …….. ...»
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