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(Wonderfully crafted, --- May 29, 2012 --- By Caz,amazon buyer) I bought this bag for my husband for our first anniversary. He absolutely loves it. It is solid, very well crafted, could probably easily hold 3 laptops, smells AWESOME, and may very well be handed down as a heirloom. :).. ...»
(Neat. --- February 19, 2012 --- By rrf) Arrived promptly. Neat and very useable friendly. Well made and not of the run-of-the-mill wallets that you see in the general department stores .. ...»
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These are one of the best strap and priced very reasonable. As the previous reviewer noticed, the shape like a guitar strap which distributed the weight evenly on the shoulder without putting too much pressure on any particular spot. Quite comfortable and light weight. Highly recommended for the asking price which already much cheaper than any other place that sells 100% full grain straps. .. ...»
This bag has several compartments fit for a variety of items. It has three larger sections, each fit for a 15" to 16" laptop, and a thin front section for papers or a folder or two. The middle large section has a small interior pocket on each side, while the front large section has loops for pens and a pair of pouches. Both pouches are -exactly-large enough to hold a Ti-89-sized calculator, which is great for students! The leather used to make this bag is thick and super tough. It will survive a long time. The finish is beautiful (after treatment) and will probably only get better with age. Construction on the bag is pretty strong. The stitching is tight and uses thick, nylon thread that looks stout enough to withstand quite a beating. The inside is lined with suede, giving the bag a bit of a luxurious feel when opened. I have stuffed it full of textbooks, laptop, and miscellaneous tools and it took them with ease. I would recommend using the included backpack straps when carrying substantial weight in this bag. If you are wondering about the buckles in the picture, the white appearance is from the protective tissue paper they wrap the hardware with. The hardware is really chrome-colored and shiny. NOTE: When I received this bag, the leather was a bit dry, and needed some conditioning. I applied some Lexol to it, and the leather became even more attractive and pliable. The fact that I had to apply conditioner is not a big con, because all fine leather products should be conditioned to prevent premature wearing, but the bag was quite dry. You will be glad you had conditioner around after you apply it to this bag. It will dramatically improve the look, feel, and life of the bag. Apply conditioner liberally, as the makers of this bag did not endow it with enough conditioner to reveal its true beauty and flexibility. By liberally, I mean that this bag drinks conditioner like a corrupt dictator drinks cognac, so really slather the conditioner on there. It will absorb all you've got. If you want a durable, beautiful leather backpack that doubles as a shoulder bag, this is a good candidate. The seller is prompt, polite, and helpful. I give this bag four stars. UPDATE: The leather has had a few weeks to absorb the conditioner I applied, and the bag looks incredible. The color has become a deep red-brown. The feel is impeccable, some of the best leather I have felt. I like the bag more every time I use it or look at it. UPDATE 2: After having the bag for a few months, I decided to cut out the gusset in the back, the one without the pen holders. I did this for the purpose of joining the two large interior sections into one. I am so glad I did this. It can be used as a more proper backpack with the now-appropriately-sized main compartment. Before this, the two compartments were best for textbooks, but now I use it as my overnight bag. It had no effect on the integrity of the bag. Plus, I got the thick suede divider and cut it into bottom liners for each of the pockets.Additionally, the bag continues to take on more scuffs and marks, making this piece of leather craft look better all the time... ...»
B. Morsman
( Just a great bag! --- September 19, 2012 --- By T. Gentile) Bought this bag but knew very little about Vagabond Traveler. When I got it I was very pleasantly surprised. What a very strong sturdy nice looking rugged leather bag. Dimensions are not that big but there is plenty of room for all my business essentials. Has that nice rough leather smell. Zippers are very strong and the front pockets hold lots of stuff too. I think the computer compartment could be a little more padded but other than that it's a real winner. If you want to try something new I'd suggest VT to anyone. This bag is great. .. ...»
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(Very nice --- August 6, 2012 --- By Dan Palmer) Love the way it is put together. came just like it was sold , Lots of room . and Looks great ... ...»
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( WOW! --- July 22, 2011 --- By D. Bennett ) So I have a smaller version (bag they'll fight over when you're dead!), which I bought about 2 years ago. The Vagabond bad arrived today. For SOOOOOO much less money than the other bag, these bags are very impressive. There are differences (mostly in the quality of the hardware/buckles), but you would not really notice without a side by side comparison. The Vagabond is lined, has dividers in the main section (3 parts), and looks way cool! It is a good size for a laptop (but is non-padded), a trip to the office with a ton of crap, or perhaps a quick overnight somewhere. Absolutely love it, and love the $400 I saved by not buying the other bag in this larger size. Took the bag out a couple of rimes now, fully loaded. It does get pretty heavy. .. ...»
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I just received this briefcase (I live in Spain) and i'm simply astonished as it gives full meaning to the word QUALITY. As a law attorney i've seen a lot of briefcases here in Spain, but i can say now i have the best case i've seen. Congrats for your great work and fine quality... ...»
I have been searching for a while for the perfect quality leather wallet and purse. This wallet satisfies everything that I need. The satchel is also absolutely amazing! For starters, there are a multitude of places to store cards. Additionally, the credit card pockets are secure and hold all of my cards without slipping. I enjoy the viewing window much more thatn I thought I would and store my business cards and ID there for easy access. The unfinished lining is great for holding receipts and money as neither slide out of place. I purchased this wallet with the matching women's purse/satchel and the items together are absolutely incredible! I am very happy with the quality and look of this set. This is my first purchase with Vagabond and definitely not the last! The .. ...»
I bought this item recently, it was my first order with vagabontraveler, I am living in Europe and had no chance to see the product. I am really glad of my bag. Shipping was perfect and deliver in good condition. it's a high quality product, no doubt , really great Daniel.. ...»
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