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They are nice, but they tend to slide loose over the course of a few days. Easy to snug them back up, but I recommend the ones with holes and buckle... ...»
Great wallet. High quality leather. I love the ID window. The slots for inserting cards and others are a little stiff but I'm sure that will be easier with time while getting broken in. The color is exactly the same as in the photo so this is exactly what you will get. Highly recommended to any one who is thinking about purchasing. I'm very, very happy with this wallet. .. ...»
I had been in search of the perfect leather bag for a while. This bag is GORGEOUS. The pics don't do it justice. High quality leather - thick and sturdy, well-padded inside. Feels wonderful to the touch, inside is secure and snug without being too tight. The metal hardware to fasten the handle and shoulder strap is top notch. See my much longer, more detailed review on amazon .. ...»
(Beautiful bag., --- October 22, 2011 --- By Luis Perez) This bag is a must for anyone looking for a leather case. It is sturdy and looks great. Leaves color residue in the beginning so break it in carefully. Nothing that stains though, and not bad enough that I would take a star away. .. ...»
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(Seriously...The Best, --- March 30, 2012 --- By D. Ebbers) Wow, just wow. I had been browsing around some other briefcases before discovering Vagabond Traveler. I'm one year out of college and needed something to hold all my stuff like anyone else, but I wanted something with swagger. The bag I had(some cheap Solo bag) broke; cheap quality bags will do that, hell even other bags do that. I decided to up my game a little and spend my money on what I assume is a smaller, classier company. Just got the bag today and I'm blown away. This bag will last a few generations in my eventual family, but I'd rather it be buried with me. Me and this briefcase are going to go through a lot together. He, who I have named Ted, will be there for me in times of need, I will cover him in the rain, etc. It's big but fits my 15inch Mac perfectly and then some. I could probably pack about 3-4 laptops within the inside. The backpack straps are great if you ride a bike …….. ...»
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I've had this bag for around a month now. It seems to be wearing well. Fits loads of stuff without being too bulky. It's not top grain all the way through inside though. it's got some suede inside to divide the three sections. My only complaint is that the handle is not too ergonomic and it's unfinished making it hard to clean, mosturize, and protect. All in all, a good purchase... ...»
(Nice Nice Man's Wallet --- January 24, 2012 --- By bsg9) This is a high quality wallet. My honey was able to put all his things in it. He carries his life in his wallet and there was room for everything. The credit card slots are a little tight, but that's ok, bc things definitely wont fall out... ...»
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I bought this for my 64GB ipad after using a neoprene sleeve, and am absolutely stoked! Fits like a glove, is top notch leather and the access cutouts are perfect. You can't get a better lined leather ipad cover at any price than this... ...»
Michael S
09/05/2013 reviews My name is now Indiana Jones! I didn't think something like this existed for under 600 bucks - It looks like a movie prop. It is made of beautiful, thick, "unprocessed" leather, and it's big enough to fit my textbooks and notebooks... ...»
(You would think this was Prada duffel --- July 22, 2012 --- By ipitydafool) I'm going on a 2 week vacation to Spain, France & Italy & wanted to look somewhat fashionable with my luggage being that it is Europe. I did extensive research looking at other brands: Saddleback, Bric's, Mulholland Brothers but all those leather duffel bags were in the $500.00 range. Someone on internet mentioned this small company Vagabond Traveler & I must say I am Extremely impressed. This duffel could easily pass as a $1200.00 Prada or Polo. The leather is very supple, the photos show it to be hard but it is really soft. The zippers & clasps are high quality metal & really large lobster clasps to connect the shoulder strap to the bag. The interior is lined in high quality silk or nylon, the type that is really soft & found in high end bags. They say leather will have natural nicks and marks but I did not find one blemish. …….. ...»
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