Banner05Vagabond Traveler is a leather company based in Orlando, Florida. We offer a wide assortment of products made from highest quality full grain oil tanned cowhide leather, from heavy duty men's backpacks, briefcases, travel bags to casual style satchel bags, messenger bags, waist bags, to women's totes and handbags, full leather wallets and iPad cases, even leather-accentuated canvas bags. The best part is that we offer these hand-stitched leather goods  at affordable prices.

A wise man once said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Wherever your journey takes you, travel confidently with Vagabond Traveler bags. Each bag is manufactured from the finest materials and built to last for decades. If by chance you see "cattle scars", wrinkles, even cow smell on your bags, those are not imperfections. They are in fact unique scars from cattle branding, barbed wire or "skirmishes" with other cows, etc. In leather circles, they are often considered desirable, as they set your bag apart from ALL others.

Do not look for uptown luxury name brands, with all their expensive designer bags (which we now know, are churned out from sweaty factories using cheap labors) and sideline attractions (ultimately paid for by you, the consumer). You won’t find me traveling around the world, sending you photos of exotic, distant places (also paid for by you!). All these lavish expeditions, which I do not pursue, are fun but I say let our customers go on the adventure! Instead of paying for the manufacturer to take long vacations and show off to the world what you pay for, here at Vagabond Traveler, you pay what you need, quality sturdy leather goods that will last you a lifetime of adventures.

It is not our objective for our products to be labeled as successful SUBSTITUTES for their more expensive competitors. Our loyal customers will tell you that our products are of superior quality compared to their rivals! When you purchase one of our incredible bags, you will agree that we have the finest, most affordable bags you could find anywhere in the world (and with a cool worthy name)!

I guarantee that the first time you see people staring at your bag with widened eyes and slackened jaws, you will get the idea why being a Vagabond Traveler is something worth bragging about. I don’t know if you feel the same way, but walking out of the door feeling like Indiana Jones gives me the courage to face whatever challenge comes my way. And man, what a feeling!

Each bag is built with superb quality and craftsmanship in mind. Our customers include world travelers, business professionals, educators, students, weekend warriors and “leather lovers” who appreciate our bags as functional works of art! I have no doubt that you’ll become accustomed to hearing, “Great bag! Where did you get it?” 

Curious enough? Vagabond Traveler leather goods are available at multiple websites, including Amazon and V.T.'s own Product site, as well as two retail stores in the Orlando, Florida area.


Our display store and main office is located @ Oviedo Mall (1445 Oviedo Mall Boulevard, Oviedo, FL 32765) across from Sears.

Tel: 407-496-0594
Email: contact@vagabondtraveler.com


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      We are so sorry for late response! Normally a customer contacts us using our contact form, which you can find in the main menu on our home page, or writes directly to contact@vagabondtraveler.com We will have your problem solved as soon as we receive your message. We apologize for the delay again and thank you for your business!

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