From Virgin Cowhide to Your New Vagabond Traveler Vintage Leather Bag

From Virgin Cowhide to Your New Full Grain Leather Bag

The production process begins with removing the hair and cleaning the hide. Next, the moisture and oils are removed from the skin. Once thoroughly cleaned and drained of all moisture, the hides are placed in large tanning drums, where they are treated with high grade oils, preservatives and individual coloring. Hours later, they are removed […]

Vagabond Traveler full grain leather bags and accessories

Welcome to Vagabond Traveler

Welcome to Vagabond Traveler, here is where the standard is set, and we set it high. Our main focus is to offer best quality full grain leather goods for men and women at competitive prices. We have accomplished success with our customers in years. Our heavy duty leather goods are made of high quality full […]