vagabond traveler leather bag care and maintenance

5.5 How to Clean and Remove Stains from Leather Goods

Over time your new leather bag can get dirty and grimy. It is always recommended to use a specific leather cleaner to clean it, but a mild soap or dishwashing liquid can work just fine. Use a sponge or a soft rag with, e.g., diluted castile soap (to about 1:10) to wipe clean the leather surface. Then rub […]

Vagabond Traveler oil tanned cowhide leather care and maintenance

5.4 Oil Tanned Cowhide Leather Care and Maintenance

The leather product you have received is made using oil tanned leather. The oil tanned leather falls into two categories: light oil tanned and heavy oil tanned. Most of our bags are heavy oil tanned. The heavy oil tanned leather has more oil in it, which protects the leather and preserves it for longer time. […]

5.1 Oil Tanned Cowhide Leather

Tanning is one of the many processing steps (but undoubtedly the most crucial step) involved in converting raw hides or skins into finished leather, which is more durable, flexible and less susceptible to decomposition. Leather tanning is an ancient technology, but until today has remained a craft industry world wide. Leather tanning involves a process which […]

5.2 Leather Bag Repair and Fixing

Leather Bag Repair  Some fixes do not require special tools. It is not complicated to fix or repair if you have basic sewing skills. What you will need: needle, nylon thread, rivets, screwdriver and hammer.  Tandy leather has over 200 stores around the world,  and they provide everything you need; or you can find almost everything on amazon […]

Vagabond Traveler full grain leather bags and accessories

5.3 Vintage Leather Odor Care

Due to its porous nature, leather can soak in strong smells from body sweat, perfume, smoking, food, etc or inherently from the leather tanning process. In my personal opinion, if your leather bag does have an odor, leave it alone. It will dry/air out sooner or later. The bag is not an accessory, which means, […]