"This is not just a bag, it has personality and will be a close friend and ally for years to come."

by Bayfield, Colorado USA on June 30, 2014

  • "Dear Vagabond Traveler: I am a road warrior who purchased one of your bags probably 5–7 years ago. All I can say is…Wow! This bag is heavy duty and it gets compliments everywhere I go! I am an engineer who is required to make presentations in Owners/Architects/Engineers offices as well as visit job sites on a regular basis. My travels take me across the world, so I need a bag that can hold a lot of stuff, look great, and protect the cargo it is required to contain. This bag does it better than any bag I have ever had. Thanks, again. You make a tremendous bag! I love the weathered look it has developed over the years!"

Craig Coppersmith on our 18" Leather Briefcase and Backpack L06   

  • "I am a 35 year law enforcement veteran. Duty bags, equipment bags & office bags  are extremely important to us in the police profession . . . and we look for versatility, endurance and longevity . . . I am here to say that I’ve tried numerous company’s leather bags (including Saddleback Leather) , and I have found Vagabond Traveler’s bags to meet our criteria, and exceed all others.  I wholeheartedly recommend and endorse them to my colleagues."

Jim Crotty (01-26-2012)

  • " I am very happy to receive a very outstanding quality travel backpack bag and wallet. The quality was better than Coach cause I had products (bags, wallets, belts) from them. The Coach wallets did not last a year and so is their belt (only 6 months). The Coach bag sags and could not stand on its own (compared to Vagabond’s). The only difference is that Coach bag puts a lot of stain on them to cover the imperfections. In fact, all leathers do come with imperfection. As for the money, Vagabond is better will cost you half of what you pay to Coach for a backpack bag and one fourth of a Coach wallet.  Now, I am ready to put the products through the stress tests and report later. Thank you."          

K.S.  Kok Wong (12-30-2011)

  • "I suspect a question many people are wondering is how does this compare to Saddleback. I own a Saddleback bag (thin briefcase) and this bag (17" CEO). Thus far I would say they are very comparable; however, the leather on the Vagabond might be a bit heavier. The joints and sewing on both are very good, but I believe Saddleback has a slight edge here. This bag is very heavy but great for travel. Used this for a 2 week trip around Italy and found it up to the task. Florence is often cited for it's high quality leather goods and found this just as good as anything there. Hope this helps others with their buying decision."

By Sean on our 17" C.E.O. Classic Full Leather Briefcase Backpack L01 (11-03-2016)

  • "The L38 Messenger Laptop Bag from Vagabond Traveler is a well-made bag, especially for the price. There are a number of details that could make the bag much better (i.e. using fewer pieces of leather to construct the bag, using polyester instead of nylon thread, etc.), but for the price it is a good bag that will provide years of service."

Bestleather.org on our 15" Leather Briefcase Laptop Bag L38

  • "The Vagabond Traveler Bag is made of thick leather, when you touch it you can just tell it’s durable. The zippers are also very thick, like something you’d see on an expensive coat. The overall style and look of this messenger bag is what makes us rate it so highly. It features a look very similar to bags that are in the $400-500 range. It kind of made us wonder if there is a catch, but we couldn’t find anything negative about this messenger bag. If you’re looking for a unique, professional looking bag that nobody will have – this is for you."

Confirmedbest.com on our 14" Leather Messenger Laptop Bag L18

  • "Received my messenger bag and am very pleased with the quality (and price).  I made a bracket and hard-mounted it to the fender strut of my Harley for use as a solo saddlebag.  Spent a lot of time looking through motorcycle accessory catalogs and websites but didn’t find anything I really wanted on my bike, Plus H.D. wants an arm and a leg for anything with their logo on it.  Color was too light for my taste so I spent a few hours rubbing Mink Oil into the leather, now it’s much darker brown and more weather-proof..."

Martin J Mathews on our 17" Leather Messenger Bag

  • "Just got the bag today and I'm blown away. This bag will last a few generations in my eventual family, but I'd rather it be buried with me... It's big but fits my 15 inch Mac perfectly and then some. I could probably pack about 3-4 laptops within the inside. The backpack straps are great if you ride a bike, or if you have a lot in it since it is rather heavy already. I should also mention I'm 5'10 at average weight, and the bag is a little disproportionate with my frame - but the quality of leather, stitching and chrome buckles are worth 2 out of 10 girls laughing. The other 8 will want to pay for dinner."

D. Ebbers on our 16" Classical Leather Briefcase and Backpack L02 (03-30-2012)

  • "I bought this bag for my husband for Christmas and he couldn't be happier with this bag. He had been wanting a Saddleback bag for the longest time but just couldn't bring himself to spend that much. After doing some research for Christmas I came across the Vagabond bag and it really seemed to be a good quality so I figured I'd take a chance and boy am I glad I did. This bag is large and pretty heavy, but that's just what he wanted (he really carries a lot in it, its like his portable office).

    The Vagabond design in this larger 18" size bag also offered more features that I knew he'd use than the Saddleback bag did such as the front pockets and some extra interior holders. The quality of this bag and the leather used is great, it may not come with the 100 year guarantee of the other, but I have no doubt this bag will last him for years and years to come, and he is really tough on them. It's also a great looking bag, everywhere he goes he is constantly getting compliments on this bag."

 Lori G. on our 18" CEO Leather Briefcase Backpack Travel Bag L31 (03-21-2014) 

  • "I think of this bag as a diamond in the rough because it was quite unrefined and stiff when I first unboxed it. After some time of owning the bag and several treatments with Lexol, the bag became darker, more pliable and more beautiful. Don't get me wrong, it's a great bag out of the box, but I like my leather products to feel a bit more buttery to the touch, so some conditioning did the trick for me. Even if you don't care much about making the bag softer, I really recommend conditioning the straps, which were very stiff before using Lexol. I took one star off because the straps were not made of as high quality leather as the rest of the bag."          B. Morsman (03-11-2011)

    "The height and length of the bag are great and the only problem might be the depth which is a little narrow but am sure it will ride out with wear. Pretty certain this is about as good as it gets at this price point and if there are ever any problems usually not more than a few dollars here or there to get a stitch resewn anyway in my experience."          DJC (05-22-2012)

    "I don't [ever] give 5 Stars, but this one deserves it. High quality, nice look and feel, perfect size and comfort. The straps are rugged and nicely adjustable. I wanted a medium sized laptop/travel/carry-on bag and this is perfect."         Richard Sibley (05-02-2014)

All on our 14" Heavy Duty Full Leather Backpack L03

  • "I got this bag a few weeks ago, and it's fantastic. I get comments everywhere I go, but the main thing is that this bag is going to last a lifetime. I have a 13" MacBook Pro that I keep inside an "INCASE" pouch, and then put it inside the Vagabond. Fits like a glove. In fact, there's a model that's 14.5 inches tall that would be a tad too short. Get this one since it's the same price. Could not be happier. Beautiful and well built. I didn't oil mine or anything, and the stiffness is gone after just a couple of weeks of use. I would not hesitate to buy another item from VT. Excellent."

Dr. Barry Joslin from Louisville, KY  on our Heavy Duty Full Leather Backpack Tote L61  (12-22-2012)

  • "I bought this 2 years ago. It is AMAZING quality. It is really gorgeous, manly, and the color of dark brown is a work of art ... This bag is Equal to if not nicer than Saddleback. It will last a lifetime, is made insanely well, and I get compliments everywhere I go with people assuming I had to have paid at least $800 for it. I'm telling you, when you get this shipped to you it will amaze you. It is heavy though, a lot of thick leather. Once you get past that you won't want to be seen without this. I even hang it on my wall when not using it so I can actually look at it like a sculpture when I'm home not out. After 2 years it's even more beautiful. I also bought the LARGE wallet, clutch for men. That is equally gorgeous. You just can't put that in your pocket, you can put it in this bag or carry it, or build a strap on it like I did. It might be a pinch to spend even $200 Plus on this backpack, or shoulder strap back as I use it , but once you get it you won't understand how the hell you ever lived without it. I hope they make these things forever. Just blows my mind." 

Coinhunter on our 13" Tall Leather Backpack iPad Laptop Bag L13 (11-28-2014)

  • "Best bag I have ever owned."

David Lindsay on our 16" Classic Cowhide Leather Briefcase Backpack L09 (07-13-2015)

  • "I purchased this to protect my iPad to and from work. I also carry files and other items. All my other bags had room for lots of gadgets (pockets, etc.). I found myself carrying the same stuff back and forth to the office every day, but using little of it.

    This bag has a place for your iPad or netbook computer along with room for 4 pens and some business cards. Other than than, nothing. It is simple, lightweight, and nice looking. I had one problem with the strap, but the vendor responded immediately and took care of it."

 SWD on our 13"Cowhide Leather Messenger Bag L07 (01-08-2012)

  • "This is a great, sturdy bag, made even more impressive by it's low cost. It was exactly what I was looking for. It fits my 15" laptop, charger, and a handful of other odds and ends, perfect for bringing to work or class every day. The bag looks amazing, and I have received numerous compliments on it. I wouldn't change a thing. As a bonus, I also like that the logo is completely hidden while the bag is closed, which gives it a nice clean look." 

 Russell Bradley on our 16" Cowhide Leather Laptop Bag w/ Clasp Lock L55 (09-24-2014) 

  • "Quality hops right out of the box! First with the luxurious smell, then the fine feel and texture, and on closer inspection the confirmation that you've made a great purchase. The craftsmanship, leather and design combine to form a messenger bag you'll be pleased with. The only flaw I can think of is there are no smaller compartments to hold pens and such, but this is easy overshadowed by all the good stuff! Highly recommended..."

Ron from Niceville, FL on our 14" Full Leather Stylish Laptop Bag LM02 (03-29-2015)

  • This was exactly what I needed in a satchel. The buckle can take some getting used to, but I can open it pretty quickly with one hand. It holds all my personal items and my iPad in its leather case. The iPad fits naked or in the case, vertical or horizontal. With all my typical stuff in it (passports, headset, wallet, coin purse, glasses cleaner, pens, sunglasses, card cases (2), batteries for camera), I still have room for other items that my husband needs carried about, or items that I only need occasionally like filters or fittings for my camera. The leather is oiled, so it took some time to work through the scent of the oil, and it still gets on my sunglasses so I need to give them a quick polish when I take them out. I could solve that if I put them in a case (but I can't find it). The construction quality seems excellent, and the look has been worth comment from many who've seen it both strangers and friends."

Literary Tech on our 12" Full Leather Tablet Messenger iPad Tote L93 (10-25-2013)

  • "This duffel could easily pass as a $1200.00 Prada or Polo. The leather is very supple, the photos show it to be hard but it is really soft. The zippers & clasps are high quality metal & really large lobster clasps to connect the shoulder strap to the bag. The interior is lined in high quality silk or nylon, the type that is really soft & found in high end bags. They say leather will have natural nicks and marks but I did not find one blemish. The dark chocolate is really dark almost black but in a good way. I prefer silver hardware to gold hardware on bags. There is a lot of pockets & zippers so looks kind of light a motorcycle jacket which they may have been going for. The Vagabond Traveler logo is fairly discreet, just on on front top and branded in the leather. This duffel was a steal at this price. Now the only quibbles I have is that the metal hardware clasps are held by small 1 1/2 inch leather loops. If I filled the bag up with heavy items, over time that leather loop will stretch & break. They should have made the loop double thick even though it may distract from the look. Another item is that the bag is slightly smaller than what I expected. This is truly a weekend bag, good for a 3 day trip. It will fit easily in overhead bin in plane though. The air is dry here in Arizona so I treated it with Chamberlains leather milk which is somewhat pricey but worth it for preserving high end leather." 

ipitydafool on our 21" Leather Overnight Traveler Gym Bag L68 (06-22-2012)

  • "Wow ! This wallet arrived today and I was pleasantly surprised by its heft and quality of craftsmanship. The photos don't do it justice for sure. Its Not a chintzy thin piece of leather but a very nice substantial hunk that feels good to the touch and to hold. The opening for cash is a good 5/8", (about the width of a deck of cards in the box), and compresses back down to about 1/4" empty. There are 10 slots for cards, and 4 full length openings, (including the cash opening). If you like the look, feel, and smell of a good piece of leather, you should like this wallet."

Bruce from Nine Mile Falls on our Full Leather CEO Checkbook Card Holder L598 (12-23-2014)

  • "Although I love to read customer reviews, I rarely write one. For that to happen I really need to be impressed. And impressive is the word to describe this product. I'm writing a review for the light brown holder. Gorgeous, supple leather that just holding it in your hands makes you feel great . Top notch craftsmanship and excellent construction, with lots of thought given to the traveler's needs - roomy to store all your important things when you're on the go, easy to access and perfectly protected. The size is absolutely perfect. It's also very important to say that the online picture is spot on, but breathtaking in reality.

    If I could give 10 stars for Vagabond Traveler Holder, I would. Thank you so much!!!"

Ksenija C. on our  Large Universal Leather Passport / Check Clutch Holder L21 (12-05-2013)

  • "It's made like a brick wall but looks as cool as Indiana Jones! !! It's simple. Not over designed. It's better than the pictures!!! I already owned a smaller vagabond traveler which I use every single day and it only gets more handsome."

 Orlando McGuire on our  Expandable Cowhide Leather Overnight Duffle Bag L08 (01-30-2016)


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